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Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2166 – Still Too Weak brown vegetable
Struggle of Dragon Sons, merely the twenty individuals who continued to be eventually could consistently contain the Heavenly Dragon Mark.
“How is it in this way? How could it be such as this!”
His opinions were just like Long Yuan, until this punk rock was just a braggart.
Longer Zheng’s Dragon Tyrannical Evanescent Slaughter completely overcome Ye Yuan with regards to good quality.
While the dragon photo that Accurate Dragon Trampling the Heavens summoned was merely condensed with Ye Yuan’s individual crucial power.
It was subsequently that Longer Zheng’s move had not been fantastic the manner in which Ye Yuan looked over it.
On the Mist Battlefield, Ye Yuan continued to seek out dragon starting point crystals in accordance with the Incredible Dragon Mark’s outcomes.
Ye Yuan chuckled and took one step out. The image associated with a dragon also appeared behind him.
Ye Yuan’s dragon appearance were built with a fundamental variation from Longer Zheng’s Dragon Tyrannical Evanescent Slaughter.
This move was shockingly precisely the True Dragon Trampling the Heavens that Very long Zheng used just before previous!
From the Mist Battleground, Ye Yuan continued to search for dragon origins crystals as reported by the Perfect Dragon Mark’s results.
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… the Mist Battlefield is indeed a superb place to boost one’s energy! My Heavenly Dragon Indicate has recently awakened an extra some time and even awakened my secondly innate divine potential. My energy has become over a magnitude much stronger! My current toughness has already been suitable to pull in the top, even top five! Ye Yuan, pray that I don’t come across you, usually … your hr of disaster will have arrived! Blood stream debts need to be paid for in blood stream!”
Incapable of understand, there seemed to be only staying crushed all the way.
Extended Zheng’s Dragon Tyrannical Evanescent Slaughter completely do better than Ye Yuan regarding good quality.
“Hehe, what did I believe that? Ye Yuan delivered him down with one hand!”
A sign of delight flashed across Morningstar’s eyeballs and that he stated by using a moderate nod, “No wonder! Irrespective of how trashy the martial technique, when carried out with fantastic 7th improvement, the strength will also escalate, let alone speak about the dragon race’s superior martial technique, World Dragon Claw!”
Only Sons on the Perfect Dragon could comprehend a few.
“Long Tianyu, appears like your Incredible Dragon Stronghold has became aquainted with its match on this occasion!” Black color Dragon Stronghold’s elder stated having a teeth.
Prolonged Zheng spurted unique blood vessels wildly, immediately remaining blasted beneath the the planet.
But Ye Yuan trusted this martial technique and defeated the innate divine potential, Dragon Tyrannical Evanescent Slaughter!
The time these words and phrases arrived, the audience of incredible emperors experienced weird expression.
Long Zheng spurted unique blood flow extremely, right simply being blasted underneath the earth.
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“What? P-Ideal seventh improvement!” Longer Zifeng had a start looking of shock, disbelief authored all over his experience.
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… the Mist Battleground is indeed a outstanding spot to increase one’s sturdiness! My Divine Dragon Label has already awakened an extra efforts and even awakened my second innate divine potential. My strength started to be more than a degree better! My recent toughness has already been adequate to capture within the top ten, even top 5! Ye Yuan, pray i don’t encounter you, or else … your 60 minutes of doom could have emerged! Blood vessels outstanding debts ought to be paid out in bloodstream!”
Whilst in another position, the Ao Yu who had been currently meditation suddenly snapped opened both eyes, his gaze unveiling a peek of crazy elation.
Fragile dragons were definitely struggling to comprehend a single innate divine potential for life.
… the Mist Battleground is definitely a superb location to improve one’s strength! My Divine Dragon Tag has recently awakened a second efforts and even awakened my 2nd natural divine ability. My strength grew to be more than a degree more powerful! My current durability is suitable to fit in to the top 10, even top 5! Ye Yuan, pray i always don’t come across you, usually … your hour of disaster could have arrived! Bloodstream bills have to be paid in blood flow!”
Lengthy Tianyu’s mouth area curled, and this man said disdainfully, “You all will witness Extended Yuan’s true energy very soon, so what on earth if … it is the ideal seventh improvement?”
Ye Yuan laughed lightly and suddenly smacked a palm out.
Very long Zheng spurted clean blood stream significantly, straight simply being blasted below the world.
But it really was this braggart who defeated him without even with a martial technique.
“Punk, the outcome of searching on the Perfect Dragon Stronghold’s Daughter with the Heavenly Dragon is passing away!” Very long Zheng was substantially enraged while he roared.
Unrivaled Medicine God
Common Sons on the Perfect Dragon were actually not adversaries that can survive one trade with him at all.

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